Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography by Diana Price
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Diana Price reviews Shakespeare Beyond Doubt
Evidence for a literary biography
A Fresh Look at the
Tudor Rose Theory
Henslowe's "ne"
"mr" William Shakespeare
and the Stationers
Response to Prof. Alan Nelson's review

Prof. Alan Nelson at (3/01): "Diana Price knows how to put a sentence together, but she does not know how to put an argument together without engaging in special pleading: that is, taking evidence that has an apparent signification, and arguing with all her might that it does not fit the special case of William Shakespeare for this or that special - and wholly arbitrary - reason." For the author's response, click on Prof. Alan Nelson.

Response to an reader's review
A reader (Edward Thomas Veal) on (11/29/00 and 1/18/01): This "case against the Stratford man ... amounts to nothing more substantial than bile and overheated air." Further, in Part 2, "time and time again, Miss Price, instead of seeking to refute inconvenient analyses, pretends that they don't exist. For the author's response, click on Amazon review. For additional material on his criticism concerning the Sir Thomas More manuscript, click on More and page forward to pages 127-133.

Response to Plain Dealer review
The Plain Dealer reviewer suggests that the "sheer volume of detail and scholarly superstructure may convince some readers" but that the book is "slow going." For the author's response, click on Plain Dealer.

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