Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography by Diana Price
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Diana Price reviews Shakespeare Beyond Doubt
Evidence for a literary biography
A Fresh Look at the
Tudor Rose Theory
Henslowe's "ne"
"mr" William Shakespeare
and the Stationers
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$19.95 / £13.95
Available at
Atlas Books
Hardback Edition available at

NEW in the paperback edition:

  • Analysis of Hand D (Shakespeare?) in the Sir Thomas More manuscript additions
  • Reconsideration of the famous “Heywood Apology”
  • Analysis of two annotations by George Buc, written on the title-pages of Locrine and George a Greene
  • Henslowe’s “ne” annotation and its significance for play chronology
  • Rebuttal to James Shapiro, Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? (Simon & Schuster, 2010)

Paperback edition published by 2012.
Includes corrections and additions.

Update Feb 2016: Price’s research paper on the Sir Thomas More manuscript, titled “Hand D and Shakespeare’s Unorthodox Literary Paper Trail,” is forthcoming in 2016. Journal publication details TBA.

Update Feb 2015: Review in Notes and Queries.

Update Jan 2015: Prof. Stanley Wells concedes Price’s thesis again, this time in his comments published online in a Dec. 26, 2014 article in Newsweek (under the misleading title “The Campaign to Prove Shakespeare Didn't Exist”):

Stanley Wells, in his Stratford office, sighs at having to repeat all the points he’s made over the years about Shakespeare’s identity. For him, there is no mystery: “Yes, there are gaps in the records, as there are for most non-aristocratic people. We do, however, have documentary records and there’s lots of posthumous evidence. There’s evidence in the First Folio, the memorial in the church here in Stratford, the poem by William Basse referring to him, all of it stating that Shakespeare of Stratford was a poet,” he says.
. . .
What would settle this question for good? “I would love to find a contemporary document that said William Shakespeare was the dramatist of Stratford-upon-Avon written during his lifetime,” says Wells. “There’s lots and lots of unexamined legal records rotting away in the national archives; it is just possible something will one day turn up. That would shut the buggers up!” [emphasis added]

Diana Price reviews Stanley Well's Why Shakespeare WAS Shakespeare

Stanley Wells reviews Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography

Diana Price reviews Shakespeare Beyond Doubt

Media coverage of the new paperback edition

Keir Cutler’s Shakespeare Crackpot video on YouTube (June 2014)

Quote from an Interview with Shakespeare Scholar and Editor Stanley Wells

[09/27/2013] Professor Wells discussed the Shakespeare authorship controversy, speaking and pronouncing Shakespeare, and editing Shakespeare’s texts.

"The best scholarly book by a non-Shakespearean is Shakespeare’s Unorthodox Biography, by Diana Price[5]. I wrote several blogs recently[6] trying to refute her claims in that book. She knows a great deal; it’s just a great shame that her knowledge is put to such ignoble ends. The anti-Shakespeareans are not necessarily ignorant people, some of them know a great deal. Nevertheless there’s something in their psyches that compels or persuades them to deny what seem to me to be obvious truths.
This Brunel University in England, although they claim they’re not anti-Shakespearean, nevertheless has given honorary degrees to Derek Jacobi, Mark Rylance and Vanessa Redgrave. They give honorary degrees to the three anti-Shakespeareans who are most prominent in the public eye.

Some of them come out in favor of a particular candidate, and it’s interesting that Derek Jacobi was Marlowe until a few years ago until he was paid for being in the film about the Earl of Oxford. Mark [Rylance] is more circumspect. He’s more happy nowadays just to take the view that it wasn’t Shakespeare. Diana Price is the same. Her book does not propound any specific candidate, it’s just saying that the evidence is against Shakespeare of Stratford."

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